Core Values


We believe that we are created to experience and live in community. Too often relationship comes with qualifications or expectation. But we at CANVAS believe that all are welcome, that everyone belongs. CANVAS is diverse politically, theologically and socially, but we are committed to each other in a very real way. We come together, regardless of differences, to cultivate a community that is safe, caring, and compassionate. No one needs to change or hide themselves to belong; we just want to walk in community with the authentic you.


There are various forms of spirituality represented in Houston and our culture. We respect all belief systems, and agree that Truth can be found in each of them. We believe that Christianity is the fullest representation of the Truth of God’s action in and on behalf of the world. The God reflected in the life and ministry of Jesus is full of love, compassion, healing and redemption: we believe in this God. 

At CANVAS we worship God through Christ Jesus and participate in orthodox forms of Christian spirituality practiced throughout history and the world. We do this weekly to center our hearts on the one true God of the cosmos.


Genesis 2:9 reveals that God’s creation in the Garden offered “nourishment &luxuriant beauty“- function, and aesthetic! We trust that all humans bear God’s image: we reflect God. And we see in nature, in Scripture, & in Genesis that God is decidedly and deeply creative. God not only cares for function, but also for beauty. We live into a truer depth of our humanity when we reflect God in our creativity and expression.

At CANVAS we encourage free expression of thoughts, ideas and worship.  We encourage artistic and other forms of expression as worship to God.  We believe that creativity and expression are an important part of the unique space that humanity occupies in the cosmos.


We see throughout Scripture, and especially in the life and ministry of Jesus, that God cares deeply for the oppressed, those without Voice or power. CANVAS takes seriously this ministry of loving and walking alongside those on the margins. 

We believe in equality and justice, and it is our hope that those who are treated as “less than” would be lifted up; that through CANVAS’ solidarity, they would experience the love of a loving God.


Jesus explained (Matthew 22:36-40) that the whole of Scripture revolves around two ideas: Love God. Love people. CANVAS is committing to loving people well, in word and in action. We want to live into God’s big-picture narrative of restoration and redemption, beyond our individual lives. Our spiritual experiences have shaped us, and our journeys has been Life-giving to us. In order to be authentic ourselves, we will naturally and intentionally share and reveal this to others when God’s Spirit prompts us. 

But this isn’t something to be enforced or coerced; we rely on the guidance of the Holy Spirit in sharing our spirituality and faith with those in our lives. We  don’t do this out of compulsivity, fear, or manipulation. We share our stories, our lives, our love in hopes that others might also experience, and be shaped by Gods Life-giving love.