I have lived in the Houston area for most of my life though I did spend some time in Dallas chasing a dream. The rock star thing didn’t work out, but moving to Dallas allowed me to meet my beautiful wife Allison. We have three kids who have absolutely given new meaning and purpose to both of us.

At Canvas I teach, develop leaders and work with the elders to motivate the church toward missional living. I spend the majority of my free time with my family and writing music with a band called If the War Should End.

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Originally from Rochester, New York, I moved here to complete a volunteer program called Mission Year, with every intention of returning home once the year was over. However, living in Houston was an overwhelmingly healing and growing experience for me that I decided to stay. Now I am the Worship Leader and the Director of Missional Outreach at Canvas. My primary responsibility is to connect people with opportunities to do good work in Montrose. Canvas is a community infused with all five of my main life passions: art, music, community, spirituality, and social justice. This is probably the best job I will ever have! Email  |  Website


JD currently serves as interim pastor at Canvas. He has sixteen years of ministry and is the founder of Verb Church in Tomball, Texas. Email